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A Swap Family Thanksgiving – S8:E4


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Tiana Blow and her swap mom Cassie Del Isla are preparing for their first swap family Thanksgiving. Ken Feels and his swap son Max Fills are impatient to eat, but the girls say that dinner isn’t ready yet. They come together in the kitchen and slip out of their aprons to reveal that they’re wearing sexy lingerie and already in the mood as they make out.The guys walk in just as Tiana is trying to hold the moan from Cassie eating her out. Peeling off her thong, Cassie tells them that if they’re so hungry they can eat her and Tiana out. The guys rise to the challenge, with Ken feasting on Cassie’s twat as Max gets Tiana wet and ready all over again. Once the guys have demonstrated how good they can be with their tongues, the swap family moves to the couch for a full blown holiday fuck fest.The girls begin by sucking dick, with Tiana blowing Max and Cassie deep throating Ken. Then they climb on top to ride in cowgirl. The ladies swap partners so Tiana can go for it in reverse cowgirl on Ken’s hardon while Cassie does the same for Max. On their knees next, they take a mirrored doggy style pussy pounding. The swap fam fuck winds down with the girls on their backs. The guys keep it up until Ken has pumped Tiana full of a creampie and Max has done the same for his swap mom.