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Alone Together – S7:E3


It’s a girls night in for Candee Licious and Tiffany Tatum. Dressed in lingerie, Candee lays in bed. Meanwhile, Tiffany uses hairbrushes and makeup to make sure she’s looking nice and hot for her lover. When she’s ready, she struts over to the bed, drops her shirt so that she’s also wearing next to nothing, and joins Candee with a kiss.It’s all slow and sensual as Tiffany cups her hand against Candee’s cheek and strokes her hair back. Their lips meet slowly, with gentle touches that gradually grow more urgent. When Tiffany disengages to kiss her way down Candee’s neck, Candee responds by tilting her head back to grant her girlfriend easier access. Tiffany responds by taking Candee’s nipple into her mouth and sucking it nice and deep, delivering relentless pressure to each nipple until it’s nice and hard.Continuing her path south, Tiffany kisses Candee’s inner thighs and teases her with her fingertips. Candee pulls her thong to the side. Taking her girlfriend’s invitation, Tiffany dives in face first for a pussy feast. She licks and suck, exploring all of Candee’s folds with her tongue and lips. Throwing her head back, Candee lets Tiffany have her wicked way with her body.When Tiffany has temporarily quenched Candee’s passion, she lets herself be pushed back onto the couch as Candee climbs on top of her. There are plenty of sweet kisses, but Candee puts most of her energy into exploring with her hot hands. When she blazes a trail to Tiffany’s pussy, her tongue soon follows. It’s not long before Tiffany is biting her lip and squirming beneath Candee’s ministrations.Sitting up together, the girls kiss their own juices from one another’s lips. Then Tiffany tugs Candee close to slide two fingers deep into her girlfriend’s coochie. She goes hard, keeping up the pace until Candee is right on the edge. Then Tiffany grabs a vibrator and uses it to finish the job.Getting Tiffany to lean forward, Candee licks her girlfriend from anus to clit. She slides two fingers into the slickness of Tiffany’s slit, then swaps out her hand for the toy. It’s not long before Tiffany is squirming and bucking her hips in orgasmic delight.The girls are satisfied but not sated yet. They take care of each other’s needs with a lesbian 69. Climbing on top of Candee, Tiffany licks and fondles her girlfriend’s twat while Candee delivers the same treatment. It’s not long before both of them are twitching one final time. Coming together in a final languorous kiss, the girls cuddle in contentment.