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Change Of Plans – S5:E3


Vanna Bardot is getting ready for a night on the town with her husband. She has been lonely in the bedroom for a while, so she takes her time preparing. Her thong and bra have just been rolled on when she checks her phone and sees a text from hubby saying that he can’t make it tonight, but his sister, Maya Woulfe, will be over instead.Vanna has had enough of her husband’s neglect. She finds Maya super hot, so there seems to be only one answer to this latest instance of coming in last place to hubby. When Maya arrives dressed for a night out, she finds Vanna looking sexy as fuck in just her lingerie and her high heels. While Maya is still reeling from that, Vanna moves in for a kiss.There’s not much resistance from Maya as Vanna continues to act the aggressor. She leads Maya to the couch, then spins her around so she can feel her sister in law up from tits to twat. Maya isn’t saying no as Vanna slips her out of her dress and sinks to a crouch to go down on her with her magical fingers and tongue.Moving to the couch, Vanna spreads her thighs to invite Maya to take part in their playtime. How could Maya say no to that delectable buffet? She helps Vanna out of her bra and feasts on her new lover’s breasts and tits. When Vanna leans back and lets Maya help her out of her thong, Maya soon finds herself with her tongue going full tilt on Vanna’s clit while Vanna moans and squirms above her.In return for her trouble, Maya earns a pussy licking of her own courtesy of Vanna. Always thorough, Vanna leaves no inch of Maya’s pussy untasted. She focuses her attention on the heart of Maya’s pleasure, using her fingers to really make sure that Maya has enjoyed a pleasurable outcome.When Vanna instructs Maya to take a seat, Maya obediently does so. Vanna puts herself twat to twat with her new girlfriend, pressing their pussies together. Their undulating hips soon rebuild the sensual pressure that leaves them both moaning in pure sexual delight as they each enjoy a final climax from their surprise night in together.