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Everything You Need – S7:E2


Maya Woulfe has an amazing life. She has herself a sugar mama that takes good care of her. All Maya has to do is be the sensual hottie she naturally is and she is well looked after. Today Maya is showing her friend Lena Anderson all around the house that her sugar mama bought for her. It’s beautifully furnished, also courtesy of Maya’s sugar mama. Maya eventually suggests that Lena needs to meet her sugar mama with the reasoning that Lena will be taken care of, too.When Lena doesn’t instantly understand what she’d have to do for a sugar mama to care for her, Maya is eager to show her. Pressing Lena back into the couch, Maya pops her friend’s breasts from Lena’s shirt and goes in to knead and lick the tender globes. As soon as Lena’s nipples are nice and hard, Maya moves lower.Spreading Lena’s thighs, Maya lifts her friend’s miniskirt and goes for the liquid gold. Lena is already nice and wet as Maya slides her underwear aside and her tongue into Lena’s slit. Lapping and sucking, Maya spreads those pussy juices all over the place as she makes her BFF moan.Lena takes her cue from Maya. Her body is still humming in delight as she helps Maya onto the back of the couch and lavishes some loving on Maya’s little titties. When Maya spreads herself out, Lena gets the hint. She tugs Maya’s barely-there sheer thong aside and goes to work licking her friend’s meaty twat.Now that the girls have warmed each other up, they can come together pussy to pussy. Grinding their hips together for some tribbing, they scissor and moan. They keep it up until both of them have thrown their heads back in pure orgasmic bliss.The multi-orgasmic girls still aren’t satisfied. Maya grabs a dildo and shoves it deep into Lena’s snatch. Flicking her wrist, she brings her BFF off again. Then she gets on her belly so that Maya can fuck her with the dildo from behind. Lena is thorough, even leaning in to lap at Maya’s anus for double the pleasure. By the time they’re done, both girls know that Lena will be a hit with Maya’s sugar mama.