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Girlfriends – S12:E7


Nessa Shine is enjoying some quiet time reading a book while her girlfriend Silvie Luca admires her from across the room. Finally Silvie can’t resist the temptation to touch her lover any longer, and with just a small touch Nessa allows herself to be convinced to pass her time in a more sensual way.The girls undress each other slowly, with Silvie releasing the towel that covered Nessa while Nessa slips Silvie’s bra and thong off. When they are both naked, they take things to the bed so that Silvie can lay Nessa down and settle herself between her lover’s legs so that she can bury her face and tongue in Nessa’s silky smooth twat. After taking her time with a delicate pussy licking, Silvie pulls back just enough to slide two fingers deep into her lover’s pulsing pussy. Finding Nessa wet and ready to be penetrated, Silvie sets off on a steady pace that hits Nessa’s g-spot and quickly builds her excitement.Knowing just what her lover needs to fall over the edge of ecstasy, Silvie encourages Nessa to get on her knees so that she can be finger fucked from behind until her whole body is pulsing with the need for her release. Flipping Nessa onto her back once again, Silvie finally drives her lover to orgasmic bliss.Eager to return the favor for Silvie, Nessa takes control next. She makes sure that Silvie is comfortable on the bed and then gradually kisses her way down her lover’s body with stops at both of Silvie’s rock hard nipples and her flat belly.Finally she reaches Silvie’s delectable pussy and dives in with sweeping strokes of her velvet tongue against Silvie’s bald slit. As soon as she has warmed Silvie up and made sure she’s wet and ready. Nessa props her lover’s rump up with a pillow and then uses two fingers to slide deep into Silvie’s dripping fuck hole to spread her creamy juices around.Nessa takes her time, mirroring all of the same positions that Silvie had used to pleasure her as she finger fucks her responsive lover’s tight twat. With her bucking hips and fingers that can’t stay away from her clitoris, Silvie expresses her incredible pleasure with her entire body until she achieves an orgasm that leaves her boneless and satisfied.