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Hunny Bunnies – S5:E10


Roommates Maya Woulfe and Eliza Ibarra are decorating their apartment for easter. Ever since they moved in together, they’ve secretly longed for one another, but neither of them has been brave enough to make the first move. Today is different, though. When Maya tries to get up from her seat beside Eliza, Elia grabs her hand and pulls her back down. Moments later, the girls have locked lips in a long anticipated kiss.Once they begin making out, there’s no stopping their need for one another. Their shirts are soon a forgotten pile on the ground, and their miniskirts are soon hiked around their waists. Caressing and kissing turns into licking and sucking as Maya goes for Eliza’s tits. The couch is no place for their first time together, so Maya grabs Eliza’s hand and leads her to the nearest bedroom.The girls eagerly fall into bed together. Laying on their backs side by side, they reach out to settle their fingers on each other’s clit. The position easily lets them come together for searing kisses as their fingers continue to explore one another’s slippery slits.Mutual masturbation is a great beginning to their lovemaking, but both girls want more than that. Maya eventually rolls onto her belly to make herself at home between Eliza’s thighs. She begins with her fingertips eagerly sweeping across Eliza’s slick folds. Leaning forward, Maya eventually makes herself at home slurping and licking at Eliza’s clit.The girls switch places, with Eliza taking her time getting to know Maya’s pussy now. Her sweet touches and soft kisses really wind Maya up nice and tight. When Eliza slides two fingers into Maya’s twat, it makes her roommate throw her head back. That just encourages Eliza to resume sucking and licking Maya’s clit as she finger bangs her new lover.The girls reposition themselves into a lesbian 69 with Eliza on top of Maya. Eagerly licking and caressing, they each work hard towards the other’s pleasure. Eliza’s pleasure is nearly overwhelming, prompting her to spank Maya’s bottom and urge her onto her hands and knees.Totally wound up, Eliza holds nothing back for Maya’s pleasure. She fingers her new girlfriend in doggy, while teasing her anus with expert rimming. With such devotion to her pleasure, Maya can’t hold back from cumming. She falls apart in Eliza’s arms, then cuddles close for deep, sexy kisses and caresses to seal their newfound relationship.