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I Will Not Steal My Stepbrothers Cum – S6:E10


Angelina Lati is always getting into trouble, and lately her mom has been making her wear a dunce cap to punish her. Angelina’s stepbrother, Kyle Mason, mocks her and then heads to his room to jack off. Angelina happens to pass by and hear Kyle fapping. She likes what she hears! She’s just enjoying herself groping her tits when her mom, Claudia Monet, catches her. Once again, Angelina is in trouble. Angelina gets into even more trouble when she escapes and runs back into Kyle’s room to find his cum. Claudia drags Angelina out to give her the dunce cap once again.Later, Kyle lets Angelina know that Claudia is gone. He has barely taken a seat on the couch when Angelina climbs onto his lap and starts rocking her hips as she kneads her tits. Kyle tells Angelina she can’t have his cum, but he’s not above squeezing those fine tits. When Angelina begs Kyle to let her see his fuck stick, he agrees. Before Kyle knows what’s happening, his stepsister has leaned forward to start sucking the D. She’s great with her mouth, deep throating and slurping.Kyle is once again surprised when Angelina climbs onto his lap to sink down for a stiffie ride. By the time his hot stepsis gets on her hands and knees, Kyle is a goner. He gives it to Angelina just like she wants, diving balls deep and hanging on to her ass as she rocks back into him. Angelina winds up on her back, her thighs spread to accommodate Kyle as he keeps their mutual party going. As Kyle reaches the end of his endurance, he tries to pull out. That’s when Angelina makes her move, wrapping her legs around Kyle’s waist and digging her heels into his ass to keep him inside her as he blows his load. Kyle is horrified as his cum loving stepsister gets everything she’s been wanting.