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Im Too Old For A Babysitter – S3:E1


Juan Loco has been getting in trouble lately. He’s well over 18, but his mom feels like he can’t be left home alone. She calls her friend Barbie Feels to babysit him and make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble. The moment Barbie sees Juan’s mom leave, she goes from concerned adult friend to hotblooded temptress. Her tits are out and her panties are off, leaving Juan with no doubt that he’s about to get some pussy. Soon Barbie is cuddled into his lap, grinding against his hardon as he kneads her jugs. Turning around, Barbie takes Juan’s stiffie between her legs and grinds hard against the shaft to tease Juan to even further sexual need.When Juan has the opportunity to put his babysitter on the table and eat her out, he takes it without a second thought. They move to the couch, where Barbie sucks Juan’s dick and then climbs aboard to ride him. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are the first two orders of the day, but soon enough Barbie is on her knees with Juan balls deep inside her. She flips onto her back, spreading herself wide open for Juan to give her a final climax before he pulls out and covers her in cum. They agree that maybe this whole babysitter business is pretty legit after all.