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It Is Really Wet – S9:E9


Demi Hawks is so upset that it’s raining. She complains about the weather to her friend Tiana Blow, who points out that summer weather can be wet. It’s still a bummer, though. The girls need to go to the store, and they just did their hair and makeup. Demi asks her stepdad, Danny Steele, to go for them, but he tells them that they won’t melt.The girls exchange meaningful looks and go change into rain jackets. Of course, the rain jackets are clear and they’re not wearing anything underneath when they return to the living room. Danny is shocked, flipping Demi onto Tiana’s lap so he can spank her ass. When Tiana makes it clear that she’s enjoying this, Danny spanks her, too. As the girls make out side by side on their knees, Danny palms each of their pussies until they’re soaked.Whipping his dick out, Danny continues his abject lesson by shoving it into Demi in doggy and then giving Tiana the same pussy pounding. The girls drop to their knees to suck their juices from stepdaddy’s hardon. When Danny takes a seat, Tiana rides him in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl as he finger fucks Demi. Demi gets laid out on her back for Danny to slam back into her as Tiana muffles Demi’s moans by riding her friend’s tongue. When Danny busts a nut inside Demi, the girls share the cum as Danny finally agrees to go to the store.