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Its A Deal – S5:E9


Jeni Angel may be a hot and horny little thing, but she is sure strapped for cash. When the hotel she’s staying in sends a clerk to see why she hasn’t checked out, Jeni sees the potential to have a reprieve from paying. She offers her body, popping her big boobs out of their bra and then rubbing her nips to hard peaks to make herself more enticing. The clerk is hesitant, insisting that he can’t do anything to help Jeni, but Jeni insists.She drops to her knees, stroking the clerk’s crotch to establish that he is, in fact, nice and hard. Then she opens her hot little mouth and starts sucking. The clerk stops protesting as Jeni continues making magic with her mouth and hands, making sure no inch of her man’s cock goes unsucked. Popping her jugs from her bra, Jeni places the clerk’s hand on her boob. Then she guides him lower so he can feel how wet she is. That’s all the invitation that he needs to agree to lay down on the bed and let Jeni have her way with him.Swinging one leg over the clerk’s hips, Jeni slides her cream filled fuck hole down on top of him. Totally impaled, she goes for a wild ride in cowgirl before turning around for a reverse cowgirl fuck fest. Then she hops off that cock and resumes sucking her clerk’s balls to keep him in the mood. On her hands and knees, she moans in delight as the clerk reenters her from behind to make her cum doggy style. On her back, Jeni encourages the clerk to keep going until he’s almost done. He finishes in her mouth, meaning that Jeni kept up her end of the bargain the clerk hadn’t wanted to make.