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My Boo – S4:E5


Freya Parker and Madi Meadows have found some matching red lingerie and put it on so they can have some fun together. They take their time exploring one another’s curves in bed. Their sweet sensual touches are light caresses at first, but as their passion for one another grows, Freya takes charge and takes things further.With a gentle push, Freya relieves Madi of her bra and pushes her down onto the bed. Freya can’t resist the opportunity to feast on Madi’s tight breasts and hard nipples. She begins with her hands and then lets her tongue follow the trail her fingers have blazed. Madi manages to peel Freya’s bra off, but Freya is still very much in charge as she slips her hand between Madi’s thighs to rub her clit. When Madi finally gets the chance to take charge, she does some rubbing of her own. Finding Freya nice and wet, Madi really spreads those pussy juices everywhere. She is enjoying herself thoroughly, but Freya insists on going back to work on Madi’s lusty twat. She gets to her knees and kisses her way down Madi’s body. When she reaches Madi’s snatch Freya puts her tongue to work to really get Madi moaning.Since neither Freya nor Madi is prepared to give up their chance at a pussy feast, the girls compromise with a lesbian 69. Crawling on top of Madi, Freya really gets going with her pussy feast. Meanwhile, Madi pulls Freya’s hips down so that she can indulge as well. Eventually, once she gets Madi’s hips twitching, Freya sits up so that she’s really riding Madi’s face and talented tongue.The girls have enjoyed themselves, but they’re just not quite finished yet. Madi remains where she is, while Freya adjusts her position in bed until they are pressed pussy to pussy. Rocking their hips for some tribbing, the girls scissor together until they’re both moaning long and loud. Finally sated, they cuddle together and enjoy the comedown from a mutually satisfying sexual romp.