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Single And Dtf – S5:E5


Natalie Porkman lets her dad know that she’s back from the beech and that her friend Lulu Chu is going to use his bathroom to take a shower. When Natalie’s dad wakes up again, he catches a glimpse of Natalie slipping into his bathroom. She takes off her clothes as she stares at herself in the mirror, but the dad assumes it’s a dream. When he wakes up yet again, he heads into the bathroom and drops his towel as he opens the door and sees Lulu naked. He apologizes while backing out, but Lulu shuts the shower down and comes out to talk it over. She points out that bodies are bodies and then drops her towel.Reaching out, she offers to let Natalie’s dad touch her breasts. She points out that she’s single and Natalie’s dad is single so they can satisfy each other. She likes older men, particularly him, so she reaches out to rub his cock to help make her case. Finding her new conquest’s dick hard, Lulu kneels to suck him off. Then she climbs on top to ride him cowgirl as he gets to enjoy that tight nubile fuck hole.Natalie’s dad is totally into this hot young thing banging him. It gets even better when Lulu turns around to let him grab her ass as she rides him reverse cowgirl. When Lulu gets on her hands and knees, the dad doesn’t say no to the opportunity to bang her from behind. Then he flips her onto her back and gives her the pussy pounding this horny coed craves. Pulling out once Lulu has enjoyed a climax, Natalie’s dad gets Lulu on her knees and nuts all over her face and in her waiting open mouth.

Actors: Alex Puller / Lulu Chu