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Taking What You Want – S2:E12


Whitney Wright has always had a bit of a thing for her friend Lena Anderson. She doesn’t know that the feeling is mutual. The girls are having a fun afternoon flipping through wedding magazines, and eventually the romantic setting gets to Whitney. She decides to throw caution to the wind and make her move on her BFF.Imagine Whitney’s delight when Lena is super into their kiss. They kick off a makeout session that grows in passion the longer it goes on. Their hands are everywhere, learning each other’s curves in this initial meeting. Eventually, Whitney slides her hand down Lena’s pants. Lena’s hips buck and her soft moans of pleasure fill the room as Whitney works magic with her fingers. Eventually, Whitney gets Lena down to her bra and panties as she works her BFF to a lovely orgasm.With that kind of capitulation, it’s an easy call for Whitney to lead Lena to the bedroom so they can really get it on together. On her hands and knees, Whitney watches over her shoulder as Lena gets her out of her tight pants and thong. She leans in and swipes her tongue up Whitney’s twat to enjoy the way those musky juices take. As Whitney mewls with delight, Lena lets her tongue explore deeper and with firmer touches.Whitney eases Lena out of her bra and panties to finally indulge herself in her friend’s incredible body. That smooth pussy is like a magnet for Whitney’s tongue! She can’t get enough of lapping happily at her lover’s juices. With her fingers applying just the right amount of pleasure and her tongue doing the rest, Whitney brings Lena off in another swift climax.Once her BFF is moaning, Whitney lays down next to her in the bed. That position lets each girl reach out to touch her fingers to the other’s clit. Their mutual masturbation culminates in some scissoring as Whitney gets back on her knees and presses her pussy to Lena’s in a position of sensual power. As the girls come down from their orgasmic bliss, they agree that they should repeat their delightful afternoon together as a couple.