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The Big O – S7:E9


Braylin Bailey is just chilling on the couch getting ready to take an online quiz about her personality as a lover when Molly Little comes in. Molly wants to go to the gym, but Braylin is feeling far too lazy to go. She convinces Molly to take the quiz with her instead, even though Molly insists that those things are rigged.As the girls go through the quiz, Braylin gets more and more handsy with Molly. Molly is shy about sharing from the start, but when Braylin asks how often she orgasms, Molly gets really flustered. Eventually it comes out that Molly has never had an orgasm, not even from masturbating. Seeing an opportunity to finally get with her crush, Braylin suggests that maybe Molly needs a woman’s touch instead of a man’s.Molly has never done anything with a girl before, but as Braylin’s touches become hotter she realizes that she’s getting really turned on. When Braylin points out that sex burns a ton of calories and would be better for Molly than a trip to the gym, Molly finally agrees. The girls exchange some sweet kisses before Braylin pushes Molly backwards to go to work.Braylin takes the lead, helping Molly out of her clothes with slow, sure strokes of her tongue and hands along the way. When she has bared Molly’s pretty bare pussy, Braylin takes her time to make sure that Molly is feeling the heat. Her tongue and fingers work overtime until Molly is panting.Molly isn’t about to do all the taking and none of the giving. She urges Braylin onto her hands and knees with that bottom up in the air. Leaning forward, Molly follows the guidance of Braylin’s gasps and moans to work her new lover’s twat with her tongue. Flipping Braylin onto her back, Molly keeps on licking and nibbling at those sweet folds. She even gets her fingers going as part of her action!Still on her back, Braylin goes back to work on Molly. She tugs her roommate onto her face so that she can eat that pretty bare puss from below. As her hips rock with the tongue fucking, Molly finds herself begging her roommie to make her cum. When she finally does, she can’t keep from moaning long and loud. Pleased with herself, Braylin brings Molly in to cuddle her nice and close.