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The Sweetest Thing – S2:E2


Girlfriends Anie Darling and Mia Trejsi love dressing in lingerie and posting for sexy photoshoots. The girls take turns snapping pics of each other today, with Mia taking the first stab at modeling her tight body and Anie following suit. When the girls get together on the couch to review their pictures, the passion that’s always bubbling between them really grows overwhelming.Anie is the first to decide that she wants to get busy, and she puts action to her desires. Taking a piece of candy, she offers it to Mia by pressing it to her girlfriend’s lips. That prompts her to lean in for a kiss that Mia is very receptive to enjoying. Peeling Anie’s bra off, Mia enjoys a sample of her love’s titties as Anie climbs into her lap. Then Anie helps Mia out of all her lingerie so she can get intimately acquainted with her most secret parts.Easing Mia into a prone position, Anie settles between Mia’s thighs. She laps the flat of her tongue up Mia’s dripping slit, then settles in for a long and languorous pussy feast. She eventually urges Mia onto her hands and knees so that she can get her fingers in on the action, probing Mia’s pussy with firm strokes while still making magic with her tongue.Once Mia has enjoyed her first climax, she pushes Anie onto her back to make sure her lover gets to indulge in the same bone-melting pleasure. Anie is already primed for a good time by the time Mia gets her tongue pressed to her clit. Beneath Mia’s touch, it’s not long before Anie’s hips are bucking with pure delight.Not about to deny herself or her girlfriend another go of pleasure, Mia climbs on top of Anie and presses her pussy to Anie’s mouth. Leaning forward, she completes the lesbian 69. The girls take their time exploring each other with their talented tongues, probing every sensitive inch of tender pussy.The girls decide to play with toys next. Mia leans back on the couch as Anie plays her clit with a vibrator, but both girls would much rather share. Once the vibrator is properly situated, Anie lies down and arranges herself so that they can enjoy some tribbing with the toy between them. Their scissoring is exactly what the girls need to each enjoy one last climax before they return to sharing candy and enjoying the afterglow.