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Tied And Teased – S2:E4


There’s nothing wrong with finding some spice in the bedroom, as Sarah Cute and Amira Adara are happy to show off. Decked out in a pink bra and panties, Sarah lets herself be blindfolded and tied to the bed. Meanwhile, Amira slips into some naughty lacy lingerie to complete her seductive look. She takes her time before joining Sarah on the bed, running her palms all over her sensitive body in anticipation.When Amira finally does approach the bed, she is eager to tease. She grabs a feathered wand and runs it lightly from Sarah’s neck, down the curve of her breasts and belly, to tickle between Sarah’s thighs. Letting her knees fall to the sides, Sarah gives Amira full access to the heart of her pleasure.Amira covers Sarah’s body with her own as she drops deep kisses on Sarah’s lips. Lifting the blindfold, she locks eyes with her girlfriend and then kisses and licks her way down the trail that she previously blazed with the feather. Tugging Sarah’s bra down, Amira gorges herself on puffy nipples and firm breasts. Then, with Sarah’s help, Amira relieves her girlfriend of her panties.Kneeling between Sarah’s thighs, Amira licks a trail up her love’s bald slit. She halts at Sarah’s clit, taking her time to explore that tender nub with her lips and tongue. Licking and suckling, she makes sure that Sarah’s juices are flowing before she rearranges her position. Amira climbs up the bed and settles herself atop Sarah’s mouth where her girlfriend, still tied, obediently eats Amira out. Meanwhile, Amira goes back to work with the feature wand as she teases Sarah to keep her wet and ready.When Amira releases the restraints that hold Sarah to the bed, Sarah cuddles nice and close with her head pillowed on Amira’s breasts. That position makes it easy for Amira to lean forward and run her fingers across Sarah’s clit. Grabbing a vibrator, she presses the toy to the heart of Sarah’s pleasure and keeps it in place until Sarah’s hips are bucking in orgasmic delight.Temporarily sated, Sarah turns around in Amira’s arms and does some tongue exploration of her own. It’s not long before Sarah’s tongue buries itself between Amira’s thighs. Lapping away, Sarah keeps up the gentle pressure as Amira winds her fingers through her hair to help guide her movements even more intimately.Pushing Sarah onto her back and climbing on top, Amira presses herself pussy to pussy with her lover. They writhe like that for a moment and then Amira grabs the vibrator and presses it to Sarah’s clit. Her snatch is soon twitching as Amira brings her off one last time. Curling up, the girls spoon on the bed in the aftermath of their lovemaking.