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Truth Serum – S8:E5


Molly Little and Jay Myers are new stepsiblings, but Jay is just suspicious of Molly. He claims that Molly is shady and that he wishes he could put some truth serum in her drink so she has to answer his questions honestly. Molly wants to know what kind of questions Jay might have for her, and they immediately get sexual about how many guys she’s fucked. Molly plays into it, claiming that maybe she has fucked more than one guy at a time. She leaves Jay there to think about it.The next day, Molly comes downstairs for breakfast dressed in just a short top and a thong. She and her stepbrother are preparing breakfast together, but when Molly goes to get something from the refrigerator she sees Jay put something in her cereal. He swears it’s just a flavor enhancer, but soon after they’re done eating Molly begins saying all kinds of super sexual things, including how much she wants to have babies with him and that she wants him to cum in her pussy.With a proposition like that, how can Jay say no when Molly leads him to the living room to fill her up with jizz? She shows off her hot little puss for Jay to lick, and then she slides down on his hardon. Riding in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl is just the start. Molly licks her own juices off Jay’s dick before getting on her knees so he can give it to her in doggy. When she rolls onto her back, Molly begs Jay to fill her up just like she’s been fantasizing about and he obliges. Replete with her stepbrother’s cum, she admits that she wasn’t kidding and she really does want to get pregnant.

Actors: Molly Little