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Two Hot Blondes – S9:E11


Blonde babes Naomi Nevena and Carla Cox are having fun searching the Internet when the moment strikes and they realize that they can’t stay apart any longer. Fortunately, these two babes know how to take matters into their own hands!Between kisses they remove each other’s camisole shirts. Carla peels Naomi’s panties off to reveal her lover’s landing strip pussy and then gets down on her hands and knees to dive right in with her lips, fingers, and stiff wet tongue.Although she starts out with slow and sultry sweeps of her tongue, Carla’s wandering fingers soon find Naomi’s drenched tight twat. She slides two fingers deep into her lover’s pussy, and then flexes her wrist to set a rhythm of lovemaking that grows faster and more furious by the second. Lying on the carpet, Naomi caresses her buxom body with slow gentle fingers as her woman works her towards an orgasmic frenzy. Soon the convulsing waves of pleasure crash through her whole body, leaving her breathless.Next it is Carla’s turn for some fun! Naomi pulls her panties off, then guides her woman to her hands and knees so that her eager bald pussy is open from behind along with her luscious hot ass. After taking a few exploratory licks, Naomi settles in for a good pussy feast and twat fingering.With her lover’s skilled touches sending pleasure coursing through her body, Carla can’t stay still for long. As Naomi’s fingers work her drenched fuck hole, Carla finds herself rocking on her hands and knees, thrusting her hips backwards into her woman’s touches while her breasts sway beneath her.The hot moment soon gives way to a big climax, but these two girls are just getting each other warmed up! Now that they’ve each had one orgasm, it’s time to work together for an encore. Carla climbs atop Naomi, putting her drenched pussy in perfect licking position while burying her fingers and face in her lover’s needy twat.The 69 is just what both girls need to achieve new heights of pleasure as they each reach that incredible pinnacle for the second time that afternoon. Finally satisfied, they part and then cuddle on the floor as they enjoy the pleasure coursing through their luscious bodies.